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Coming 2024!
A culinary card game where players use dish and ingredient cards to create meals for special occasions.

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Board Game Bash Events

Get ready for a thrilling and imaginative culinary experience at an upcoming Drawn Hungry Board Game Bash!  You'll get a chance to play the card game before it's available on the retail market, ask questions directly to the creator, and have a ton of fun with friendly folks who love food.

Last Thursday Food Drawing at Vivienne

Thursday, April 25, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Drawn Hungry Game

A food card game that feels like you’re competing on your favorite cooking show - without destroying the kitchen.

3-10 Players

323 cards, all with unique illustrations

  • 170 Ingredient Cards

  • 99 Dish Cards

  • 54 Special Occasion Cards

  • Custom designed 2 piece box

linen grey pattern
  • Grab your starting hand - Every player starts the game by grabbing five ingredient cards and five dish cards for their own hand, along with a piece of paper and a pencil. 

  • Pick the Head Chef - One player takes a turn as the Head Chef each round. The Head Chef starts the round by picking a card from the Special Occasion Deck and a card from the Ingredient deck (which is now the secret ingredient). 

  • 5 minutes to create a dish - All the players now have 5 minutes to write down a unique recipe for a dish that utilizes the cards in their hand and the secret ingredient, something they would bring to that round’s special occasion. 

  • Present and judge - Once the five minutes are up, all the players take turns presenting their recipes to the head chef. The head chef picks one person to win, and that winner accumulates points for the ingredient and dish cards they used in their recipe. 

  • Repeat - Players continue playing rounds by redrawing cards and taking turns as the Head Chef. First player to reach 25 points wins!


My name is Jordan Mishra Johnson

I'm the game designer and illustrator who created Drawn Hungry.

As a kid, I wanted to be a chef or a fashion designer when I grew up. I was either curled up with a pad of paper and pencil or helping my grandma bake a cake. In high school, one of my first jobs was as a dishwasher in a small French restaurant in Carlton, Oregon. The staff meal at the end of my shifts were eye-opening to how profoundly delicious food could be.


While attending the University of Oregon, majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Fine Art, I continued to feed my passion for cooking and art by hosting dinner parties and filling up sketchbooks. After graduation I went to work for a boutique public relations firm called Broussard Communications, which specialized in representing Portland restaurants, hotels, wineries, and artisan makers. As Associate Editor of Fresh Cup Magazine, I traveled the country meeting passionate coffee farmers and cafe owners who made remarkable coffee that tasted a million times better than any French roast I had ever come across. My work alongside chefs, baristas, winemakers, and artisans cemented my love and appreciation for people who make the world taste better.

Inspired by these creative and hard-working folks of the food world, I began my @DrawnHungry Instagram account where I posted digitally drawn portraits that celebrate culinary icons. The account led to my artwork being featured in Bon Appetit online, Star Chef’s Magazine, and Fresh Cup Magazine. My work became more rabbit-focused during Covid times when I was quarantined with my pet rabbit, Willie Nelson. By the end of 2022 I had released a coloring book, calendar, greeting cards, art print series, wax food wraps, tote bags, and more. I currently work part-time as a graphic designer for Greater Portland Inc, a nonprofit economic development organization for the Greater Portland region.
I hope Drawn Hungry brings friends, family, and new acquaintances together through the universal language of good food.

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